United Mentors Network

We, the United Mentors Network (UMN), are a group of professional management consultants and project managers who see themselves as an exclusive interest group. Our aim is to promote the principle of effective management consulting.

In our understanding, management consulting can only be effective if its sole purpose is to deliver a substantial business value for its customers.

We believe that effective management advice can only be delivered by professional consultants with decades of personal professional experience. In our view, management consulting is a personal service and cannot be regarded as a scalable business model.

In that way, we distinguish ourselves from the traditional business model of established consulting firms. We are confident that our model will prove popular and will become a dominant form of management consulting in the near future.

We, the UMN Members, work on joint internal projects (e.g. the SlimTrace® project), carry out customer projects as a team, vividly exchange business knowledge and ideas, and share a variety of common resources. In our daily business, we benefit from the outstanding reputation of our group, which is our most important asset. However, we do not promote the group as an entity; Instead, we primarily focus the individual consultants. We do not sell a brand; We support our members individually and in their name, because UMN benefits as a whole from the success of of every individual Member.

To become a Member of the United Mentors Network, a demonstrable, long-year professional experience in the field is required. In addition, a recommendation from at least two UMN Members and verifiable customer references must be provided.